Italy has always been associated with pizza and pasta. These are considered traditional Italian food. As they say, you haven’t been to Italy if you haven’t tasted authentic pizza and pasta. Some people say that the taste is different from those being offered in different parts of the world. Good thing though, Italian families (like the Castiglias) who have migrated to other nations offer us an opportunity to experience authentic Italian cuisines so we do not have to actually go to Italy to experience them for ourselves. 

Pizza or flatbreads originated in Naples, Italy as early as the 1700s. Back then, Naples was already a flourishing waterfront city that cradled many poor workers in their midst. The poor needed inexpensive food to satisfy their hunger while they were working the hours away. Street vendors sold pizzas or flatbreads. These were inexpensive and easy to eat. To make them tasty, vendors garnished them with tomatoes, oil, anchovies, garlic, and cheese. It became popular around the city that even monarchs got curious about its taste. It so happened that Queen Margherita particularly liked the pizza pie that had tomatoes, basil, and white cheese as toppings and that is how the Margherita pizza got its name. Since then, the whole nation went on a pizza craze and pizza parlors were set up left and right to cater to their demand.  

It is kind of hard to trace the origins of pasta but it is common knowledge that pasta is the traditional Italian noodle. This is comparable to Chinese noodles and their existence in history is often confused with each other. It is said that Spanish conquerors were the first ones to bring pasta to the United States.  

It is through the migration of Italian families in different parts of the world that we have come to know about pizza and pasta and we are indeed grateful.